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What Is Doctor Online?

We’ve created a centralized platform that supports the seamless exchange of electronic health data between patients, health care service providers, and regulators. We feel the patient’s pain and efforts they do and costs which occur during the life cycle of a consultation and follow up with their doctor. We want to simplify their life and empower all stakeholders associated with Healthcare echo system, by simplifying workflow for all of them, where the ultimate beneficiary will always be the end user (Patients).

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For Patients

You can finally manage your health care data, at a centralized place which is always available with you. We aim to connect data from number of organizations (hospitals / clinics) without any manual data entry required from the patient. Share that data timely with your Doctors and Hospitals electronically so that you can spend less time managing your health and more time living life.

For Hospitals / Clinics

360° Patient View via our app. Take charge of patient connected data with our full service EHR application. We make it easier for you to view and search information shared by patients without needing to open another application, as we also provide comprehensive From and To Integration services with your on premise system.

For Health Care Professionals

Are you a Nurse, Physiotherapist or Day Care specialist, You don’t need to be a Freelancer any more, is your new brand name. Connect to platform users by sharing your services and expertise to book your next appointment and manage patients on the go.